Music Production

Are you planning to create a record out of your song idea, produce an album for your band or do you wish to enhance your corporate identity with the appropriate sound design?

• From scratch idea to finished song: We provide the necessary tools, advice and experience to create the best result out of your creative potential.
• Artist, Band and ensemble recordings: Professional and creative music recordings for solo artists and bands.
• Music mixing: We mix your project and make your music shine! We’ll be happy to catch and creatively enhance the essence of your music.
• Sound signature, music on hold or commercials: We provide the tools and experience to underline the uniqueness of your services and products.

Audio Recording

• Our studio facilities are located at the 571 Recording Studios Zurich with access to a variety of acoustically treated recording rooms. The live rooms and control rooms are some of the most versatile and best equipped in Switzerland.
• We’ll be happy to provide setups for a diverse choice of recording applications: Vocal recording sessions, drum recordings, guitar recordings, whole bands, grand piano setups and much more.
• All recording rooms are equipped with variable acoustics.
• Our mic roster provides a wide choice of microphones to suit your particular application.

Voice Production

We offer a wide range of voice production / vocal recording services:

• Audioguide Productions
• Audiobook Productions
• Voice recordings for movies and commercials
• Project consulting


  • ALL
  • Mastering
  • Music Production
  • Sound Design
  • Voice Production
Tayson - You Only Live Twice Music Production
myclimate Audio Adventures Voice Production
Jellici/Baldes Soundfields Mastering
Metropol Kurier Sound Design


KLANGKRAFT | Peter Borföi

Some of our highlights

Fall 2015: Mastering the Album “Invisible Door” for “Jellici Baldes Soundfields”
• Summer 2015: “Mix with the Masters”-Seminar with Michael Brauer @ Studio “La Fabrique”
2015: Production and Mixing a Cover Version of “You Only Live Twice” for Tayson
2015: Production and Mixing for the upcoming third Album of “Bob Driller” with Louie Austen,Michael von der Heide, Patrick Bishop, Sara Reid u.a
2013-: Bass Playing for “Brandhärd”
• 2013: Lena Maria Thüring Manor Kunstpreis Basel 2013 – Audio Recording
2012: Mastering the EP “Your Ugly Phiz” by Tayson
2011-2015: Recording and Production of various audio guides throughout Switzerland
2011-2013: Bass Playing (Studio & Live) for Goldamour/the album “Terminal B” with Elodie Lauton (voc), Jasper van’t Hof (p), Felix Graf (keys & pgm), Steve Argüelles (dr & electronics)
2012: Production, Recording, Mixing for the Album “Ivan Mangia – My Veins”. International Airplay
2009: “Music on hold” for Metropolkurier
• 2007: Music production for the play “Sagt Lila” at Stadttheater Luzern
2005: Music Production, Recording, Mixing: “Shabani And The Burnin Birds – A Tree In A City”. International Airplay, Swiss Radio SRF3 “Best Talent” Nominee
2003: Remix “Whatever” for Mosso
2002: Mastering the “Greatest Hits”-Album for Handsome Hank and his Lonesome Boys
• 2002: Master Diploma at Musik Akademie Basel
• 1995-2003: Bass playing with Les Simplist (Hip Hop), Elektro Delux (Live Drum’n Bass), Olga Constructor (Funk/Pop), Love’s for Peter & Dario Bianchin Trio (Jazz)



Recordings Sessions “Standard Edition”

Dario Bianchin – Guitar Fridolin Blumer – Double Bass Beni Bürgin –...

Recording Sessions for Beata Bereuter

EP Production for Beata Bereuter – Recording and Mixing on behalf of 571 Recording Studios –


KlangKraft | Peter Borföi | Badenerstrasse 571a | CH-8048 Zurich | +41 44 515 23 24