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Album Release Bob Driller – Driving Together

Bob Driller proudly presents: >Album Release “Sunny Beaches”!< A “Thank You” of cosmic dimensions goes to all our featured vocalists Sarah Reid, Patrick Bishop, Michael Von Der Heide, Vicky Violet, Stefania Chiara, Sam & PK, Louie Austen, Nza Smith and Tom Swift! Enjoy it here: Apple Music: Spotify: Amazon: Deezer: Google Play: Also check our Youtube Channel:…/UCzw1VA6yowItEIdfmSe5k6A/playlists

Single Release «Bob Driller – Driving Together»

Bob Driller New Single «Driving Together» released! Youtube: Spotify: Apple Music: (+ Preorder Album) Amazon: (+ preorder album) Deezer: Google Play:  

Recording Sessions “Count Daisy”

Recording Sessions “Count Daisy”. We had a great weekend recording the whole band, basses, horns, guitars and piano 😉 Stay tuned for a third session! / /  

Recording Sessions for Beata Bereuter

EP Production for Beata Bereuter – Recording and Mixing on behalf of 571 Recording Studios – Mastering by Departement of Noise – Vocals: Beata Bereuter / Guitars: Daniel Schaub, Jean-Pierre von Dach, Beata Bereuter, Thea Stewart / Bass: Philipp Schweidler / Drums: Simon Britschgi / Keys: Philippe Kuhn / Slide Guitar: Mat Harter / Violin: Rainer Hagmann […]